Transition Year

TY Handbook 2022/2023

Professions Week – Report by Jessica Byrne, Malavika Manoj, Isabella Caulfield and Sreelakshmy Bino TY Work Experience – Report by Ruby Kavanagh, Isobel McLoughlin, Finna Donoghue, Emma Daly and Malavika Manoj TY School Tour to Paris – Report by Jessica Byrne and Hari Parimkayala Heathers the Musical – Report by Emma Daly and Isobel McLoughlin Cricket Ireland – Report by Grace McCormack, edited by Malavika Manoj RCSI Programme – Report by Emma Daly Young Economists 2023 – Report by Malavika Manoj Ceili Against Suicide – Report by Amy Hanton Japanese Day – Report by Malavika Manoj Subject Choice Talks – Report by Sreelakshmy Bino Wexford People Helping People – Report by Ruby Kavanagh Justice & Peace Snake Fundraiser – Report by Malavika Manoj Self-Defence – Report by Sreelakshmy Bino Spanish Churros Trip – Report by Ruby Kavanagh Junk Kouture – Report by Alicia Whitty, edited by Malavika Manoj Jamie Beamish Visit – Report by Mary-Kate Cullen Pancake Tuesday – Report by Robyn Carty Student Enterprise Programme – Report by Isobel McLoughlin German Exchange – Report by Jessica Byrne and Finna Donoghue, edited by Malavika Manoj Christina’s Diary 5 – Report by Christina Molloy, edited by Malavika Manoj Toastmasters Debating Talk – Report by Amy Hanton Multicultural Festival – Report by Malavika Manoj Headstrong Committee – Report by Hari Parimkayala First Aid – Report by Jagoda Staszewska Crosa Bríde – Report by Isobel McLoughlin Loreto & St. Peter’s Christmas Quiz – Report by Erin Kehoe and Malavika Manoj RCSI Open Day – Report by Malavika Manoj Eco-Bricking Green Schools – Report by Robyn Carty and Elena Ebner 4.4 Pizza Party – Report by Finna Donoghue Rubbish Film Festival – Report by Grace McCormack Spanish Film Trip – Report by Ruby Kavanagh Grainne O’Neill Essay Competition – Report by Hari Parimkayala John Paul Picnic Event – Report by Sreelakshmy Bino, proofread by Malavika Manoj German Cinema Trip – Report by Emma Daly Book Club Meetings – Report by Isobel McLoughlin, proofread by Malavika Manoj Fiona’s French Trip – Report by Fiona Murphy, proofread by Malavika Manoj Christina’s Diary 4 – Report by Christina Molloy Ophelia Project – Workshop 1 – Report by Ruby Kavanagh Paired Reading Program – Report by Malavika Manoj, edited by Amy Hanton Volunteer Work Week – Report by Malavika Manoj, Robyn Carty, Grace McCormack, Sreelakshmy Bino and Hari Parimkayala UCD Physics Event – Report by Malavika Manoj Ice Skating – Report by Mary-Kate Cullen Think Languages – Report by Amy Hanton and Finna Donoghue Road Safety Day – Report by Erin Kehoe, edited by Aine Mooney Lunch Time Activities – Report by Elena Ebner Fundraising for the Rape Crisis Centre – Report by Ruby Kavanagh Theatre Workshop – Report by Malavika Manoj Garda Work Experience Week – Report by Jessica Byrne The Ophelia Project – Report by Ruby Kavanagh Meeting with John O’Shea – GOAL – Report by Jagoda Staszewska TY Horticultural Day – Report by Ruby Kavanagh Christina’s Diary 3 – Report by Christina Molloy Garda Special Operations Day – Report by Jessica Byrne TY French Trip – Report by Grace McCormack TY Inter-Schools Christmas Fair – Report by Robyn Carty and Sreelakshmy Bino, edited by Malavika Manoj Felt Fairy Module – Report by Isobel McLoughlin TY Christmas Door Decorations – Report by Hari Parimkayala TY Volunteering Workshop – Report by Isobel McLoughlin Soroptimist Competition – Report by Malavika Manoj Gaeilge 24 – Report by Amy Hanton Surf Lifesaving World Championships – Report by Cara Kelly, Elva Lonergan and Eve O'Hanlon Focus Ireland Speaker – Report by Malavika Manoj TY Pumpkin Carving – Report by Malavika Manoj Scarecrow Making Report – Report by Sreelakshmy Bino Paired Reading and Board Games Club – Report by Robyn Carty and Hari Parimkayala Concern Debates Article – Report by Hari Parimkayala Cinderella Opera Report – Report by Finna Donoghue Breast Cancer Awareness Day – Report by Amy Hanton Beats Media Week for TYs – Report by Malavika Manoj Shine a Light for Focus Ireland – Report by Amy Hanton and Finna Donoghue Medical Online Open Days – Report by Malavika Manoj and Sreelakshmy Bino Spanish Students – Report by Finna Donoghue and Malavika Manoj Tramore Surfing Trip – Report by Grace McCormack and Finna Donoghue Shine Festival – Report by Jessica Byrne and Sreelakshmy Bino Christina’s Diary 2 – Report by Christina Molloy Secret Valley Trip – Report by Malavika Manoj and Hari Parimkayala Christina’s Diary – Report by Christina Molloy German Exchange – Report by Jessica Byrne, Emma Daly and Lena Kaltenbrunner Glendalough Trip – Report by Malavika Manoj and Finna Donoghue FDYS Suicide Prevention Day – Report by Mary-Kate Cullen