Evening Study

Term 3 evening study will be reviewed when there is more clarity around the re-opening of schools.

Any new student signing up to study after Christmas, please consult with Mr. Laffan or Mr. Usher first to make sure there is a place for you as places are limited. 

Any queries please email study@loretowexford.com 

Supervised Study Fees for January – February 2021

Please note 3rd years only have one option available

3rd Year

Monday – Thursday (Short Study)         €100.00

5th Year

Monday – Thursday (Short Study)         €100.00

Monday – Friday (Short Study)              €125.00

6th Year

Monday – Thursday (Short Study)        €100.00

Monday – Friday (Short Study)             €125.00

Monday – Thursday (Long Study)         €110.00

Monday – Friday (Long Study)              €140.00


No Study on the following days:

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Friday, 12 February 2021



The safest and most convenient way to make this payment in the current environment is by means of the Easy Payment online facility that can be accessed from the school’s homepage on www.loretowexford.com, we strongly request that parents use this method of payment.


Parent/Guardian Consent Form


Records of attendance can be requested by emailing study@loretowexford.com

A letter will be issued to parents/guardians if a student misses 10 days or more of study in a term

Study Times


15.45                     End of classes

16.05                     Study 1

17.25                     Break

17.35                     Study 2

18.15                     Close 1 (Short Study)

19.15                     Close 2 (Long Study)



15.05                     End of classes

15.25                     Study 1

16.40                     Break

16.50                     Study 2

18.10                     Close 1 (Short Study) and Break (Long Study)

18.20                     Study 3

19.10                     Close 2 (Long Study)