Class Teachers and Prefects, 2020/2021  

Class Class Teacher Prefect Prefect
1.1 Ms. Beattie (Maths and Business) Demi Bergin Lucy Caulfield
1.2 Ms. Pheasey (English) Rachel Cullen Eva Duffin
1.3 Mr. Broderick (Maths) Lydia Hunt Eppie Gainford
1.4 Ms. Whelan (English) Nicole Lagen Esmé McKiernan Becker
1.5 Ms. A. Byrne (Maths) Catherine O’ Reilly Molly O’ Leary
1.6 Ms. N. Kelly (Irish and Business) Isabel Wilde Emily Walker
2.1 Ms. Johns (Geography) Aoibh Cleary Emma Daly
2.2 Mr. J. Cummins (Geography) Mia Denton Tara Donegan
2.3 Mr. Mc Bride (Religion) Ruby Kavanagh Aoibheann Mc Auley
2.4 Ms. L. Jordan (Religion) Grace O’ Connor Kate O’ Connor
2.5 Ms. Culleton (Religion) Leah Wright Kaylee Walsh
3.1 Ms. Carroll (Irish) Orna Power Ellen Murphy
3.2 Ms. de Rὁiste (Irish) Molly Holden Abigail Buckley
3.3 Mr. Cornejo (Irish) Niamh Dempsey Maria Fortune
3.4 Mr. Usher (Irish) Ciara Cosgrave Ellie Stafford
3.5 Ms. Shannon (Irish) Sidhi Sinnott Yvette Mc Donnell
3.6 Ms. Nolan (Irish) Orlaith Delaney Katelyn Durack
4.1 Mr. Gunning (Religion) Isabel Bates Heather O’ Leary
4.2 Ms. Mullen (P.E.) Katie Kehoe Saoirse Bates
4.3 Ms. Kennedy (P.E.) Eimear Fortune Faye Gilmore
4.4 Ms. Martin (Ho) Sarah Kaye Ennis Aoife Cullen
4.5 Mr. O’ Sullivan (IT) Maebh Laffan Amy Mc Donnell
5.1 Ms. Browne (English) Abbie Bolger Katie Feeney
5.2 Mr. Goff (English) Hannah Donohoe Katie Beth Gaynor
5.3 Ms. Lordan (English) Anna Moody Millie Murphy
5.4 Ms. O’ Donoghue (English) Niamh Rees Eva Robinson
5.5 Ms. Whitty (English) Hollie Audsley Nel Bates
6.1 Ms. Cotter (Chemistry) Hazel Lafferty Emma Phelan
6.2 Ms. Smyth (Accounting) Abaigh Martin Rachel Cash
6.3 Ms. Skelton (Business) Roisin Waters Grace Burton
6.4 Ms. Curran (Biology) Kayla Smith Saoirse Mc Cormack
6.5 Ms. Walton (Music) Ciara Banville Isabella Mc Carthy
6.6 Ms. Griffin (Home Economics) Ciana Cummings Niamh Fahy
6.7 Mr. Cummins (Technology) Grace Rossiter Laura Cash


In early September each year, every class group is facilitated by its class teacher as it elects, by secret ballot, two prefects for the year.  Prior to the election, class teachers will outline the specific role and responsibilities of prefects.

In the presence of the class teacher and prior to the election, students seeking election will be expected to make a brief presentation to colleagues outlining the reasons why they wish to be elected and a summary of what they would hope to bring to the role.

Those elected are presented with their badge of office by the Principal at a special meeting of all newly-appointed prefects. At this meeting, two prefects from each year group will be elected to the Prefects’ Council for the new school year.

The Prefects’ Council will comprise 12 elected prefects. It will be assisted by a liaison teacher appointed by the Principal. The Prefects’ Council will meet at least 5 times per school year and will have the following overall responsibilities:

  • To ensure the smooth operation of the prefect system
  • To continually seek to develop and support the role of the prefect system in consultation with staff and students
  • To organise certain activities to increase the bonding of students both within and between year groups
  • To organise the Cara system whereby 6th  year students provide a peer support role to 2nd year students in a manner broadly similar to the Meitheal system for 1st year students until Halloween

The specific duties of all prefects are as follows:

  • To liaise with the class teacher on matters of concern and interest to students in a particular class e.g. homework issues, scheduling of tests
  • To keep a watchful eye for possible instances of bullying, exclusion and other unacceptable behaviour and to notify a staff member of same at an early stage
  • To emphasise to fellow students the need to keep all areas of the school in a clean and tidy condition
  • To bring matters of general maintenance, health and safety to the immediate attention of the Principal or caretaker e.g. graffiti, damaged furniture or fittings, leaking taps or toilets, slippery floors
  • To assist school staff in certain administrative tasks e.g. distributing notices, collecting forms
  • To inform the Principal or Deputy Principal if a class is unsupervised
  • To assist parents at parent-teacher meetings e.g. directing to rooms in which teachers are based, helping with queuing
  • To assist with the orderly queuing of students in the lunchroom at lunchtime
  • To meet and greet guests at all school events
  • To act in a manner befitting the school’s tradition and good name when discharging all responsibilities.

Should a prefect not carry out the specific duties in a responsible manner, the class teacher may discuss the matter with her. If a problem persists, the class teacher may, following consultation with the Principal, terminate the prefect’s appointment and arrange for the election of a new prefect.

Should a student be suspended from school she may be ineligible for future appointment as a prefect, Head Girl, Cara or Meitheal leader at the discretion of senior management i.e. principal and deputy principals.