Parents’ Council

A.G.M. Meeting Report

20 September 2021

The Annual General Meeting of the Loreto Parents’ Council took place in the Sports Hall on Monday, 20 September 2021.

Chairperson’s Report

Ms. Aideen Buckley welcomed those present, particularly those who had not previously been involved with the Parents’ Council. She spoke about the role of the Parents’ Council, the content of their monthly meetings and some of the activities the group would normally be involved with – e.g. school based activities, school planning and development. She thanked all established members of the Council and invited new members to join our next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Liam Gaynor presented a full report outlining income and expenditure for the previous academic year. With public health guidelines restricting the activities of the Council, he spoke about the importance of raising some income this year so that the Council can contribute to school activities.

Deputy Principal’s Report

Mr. Mc Ginnity presented a brief report to those present. He mentioned how pleasant it was to have an in-person event, the first such event since before March 2020. He thanked the members of the Council for their commitment over the past year. He commented on the challenges the school faced due to Covid – 19, highlighting the resilience of the whole school community in the context of such a demanding year. In his report, he mentioned the following points:

  • Curriculum developments at senior cycle – i.e. the introduction of P.E., Politics and Society, DCG and Agricultural Science as exam subjects.
  • The importance of the Parents’ Council in playing an active part in the school community.
  • The resumption of many extra-curricular activities, subject to public health guidance.
  • The work of the School Planning Group.

He concluded by extending an invitation to all those present, particularly new faces, to the next meeting of the Council on 11 October.

Election of Officers

The following parents were elected to the Council for the school year 2021/22:

Chairperson: Ms. Eleanor Harpur

Vice-Chairperson: Ms. Nyki Carty

Treasurer: Mr. Liam Gaynor

Secretary: Role to be filled at the next meeting.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Monday, 11 October at 18.30.

Meeting Report

6 September 2021

Attendance: Evelyn Danaher, Iris Johnston, Lisa Mc Auley, Eleanor Harpur, John Mc Ginnity, Liam Gaynor, Louise Evans, Edel Cullen, Aideen Buckley (Chairperson), Lorenia Gil and Nyki Carty

This meeting took place remotely, via Microsoft Teams.

May minutes approved.


None to discuss.

Financial Report

Mr. Gaynor updated those present on the current financial situation. He outlined the expenditure in relation to the LC exams.

Deputy Principal’s Report

Mr. Mc Ginnity delivered a brief report in relation to the return to school. He mentioned the Introduction Meetings and the Covid – 19 Response Plan. He noted that all procedures in relation to Covid – 19 were the same as when school finished in May. He anticipated a gradual easing of restrictions over the coming months, starting with a return to school based sports activities. As restrictions ease across the country, further guidance for secondary schools is expected later in the autumn.

School Planning Group (SPG)

Mr.Mc Ginnity invited those present to the weekly meeting of the School Planning Group. This year, the group will meet in the Sports Hall between 15.10 and 15.40 each Thursday. The SPG examine various aspects of school life, including policies and procedures. The input of all parties (staff, students and parents) is essential to its work. He thanked those who had attended in the past.

Board of Management (BOM) Vacancy

The Council acknowledged the contribution of Ms. Annette Cahalane to both the Parents’ Council and the BOM. Following her departure from the BOM, a vacancy for a parent nominee was created. With the agreement of those present, Ms. Iris Johnston was nominated to the position. A new BOM will be established in October 2022.

Forthcoming Events – A.G.M.

The Annual General Meeting of the Parents’ Council will take place on Monday, 20 September at 18.30. The Council expressed the hope that an in-person meeting could take place, with numbers capped to ensure social distancing. Mr. Mc Ginnity undertook to clarify the position and revert back to members. Following clarification, it was decided that the meeting could take place in the Sports Hall, with pre-registration and a maximum number of 30 permitted.


Ms. Cullen expressed concern about some of the prescribed texts on the English syllabus. A discussion on the content of a linked website followed.

Next Meeting

The A.G.M. will take place on Monday, 20 September 2021. The subsequent meeting of the Council is scheduled for Monday, 11 October at 18.30. This meeting will be held on Teams, with a view to moving back to in-person meetings from November.