Parents’ Council

Meeting Report 

Monday 5 December 

Attendance: Eleanor Harpur, Siobhan O’Donoghue, Edel Cullen, Evelyn Danaher, Sue Casey, Zara Byrne, Lisa McAuley, Nyki Carty 

November meeting minutes approved

Financial report  

Not yet issued. Mandate issue with bank. All PC members have been asked to send consent for their details (name, dob, country of residence) to be included in letter to bank that John is drafting with regard to a new mandate.  

School planning group   

One hour classes VS 40 min classes have been discussed in the last 3 SPG meetings. Visits to schools that have adopted hour long classes to be arranged. 

Book rental scheme  

Being explored as a priority.

Well-read national award   

As the award requires the involvement of all students, teachers and parents in promoting the development of a reading culture in school communities, it was suggested that PC members organise a book club for 2023. Lisa to look into getting books.  

Any other business 

  • TY Ball – it has been reconfirmed with girls in TY and with Talbot Hotel that the event is not a school event
  • Siobhan noted that there is a TY company offering embroidering on coats, jerseys, t-shirts etc. at €5/item 
  • It was mentioned that mobile phones are now unseen, unheard and unused by all students while at school 
  • Queueing times in canteen – situation is being monitored with appointed supervisor in place at lunch times.  Siobhan to suggest pre-order idea to Oven Door Catering 
  • At a previous meeting, Evelyn asked if parents can be kept in the loop when after school activities are cancelled during the school day.  Siobhan to follow up 
  • Order of Malta 1st aid training for 1st years to be arranged 
  • Discussion held regarding recent training course undertaken by BOM members.

Next meeting  9th January 2023. All parents welcome to attend. 

Meeting Report 

7 November 2022 

Attendance: Eleanor Harpur, Siobhan O’Donoghue, Edel Cullen, Evelyn Danaher, Sue Casey, Sinead Boland O’Brien, Zara Byrne, Lisa McAuley, Davnet Neary

October meeting minutes approved

Financial report  

Ms. Harpur has sought update from Mr Gaynor.


The Parents’ Council will continue to use WhatsApp for communications.  Ms O’Donoghue will set up new group called Loreto PC 22/23.  Consent forms were circulated for completion at meeting and Siobhan to send forms to other members via email for completion.

School Planning Group  

All were reminded that a meeting takes place in Demo Room every Thursday at 3.10pm.  Ms O’Donoghue gave an update on the work of the group.


TY students due to receive Junior Cert results on 23.11.22 at 4pm (online).  Students are volunteering that week so won’t attend school.

Discussion held re upcoming TY ball (January 2023). Ms O’Donoghue stated that this is not a school event.

Queueing times in canteen were discussed.  Ms Harpur suggested that pre-orders are taken first thing in the mornings and have a separate collection area for these. Ms O’Donoghue stated that there are queue supervisors in place and will suggest pre-order idea to Oven Door Catering.

Queues at lockers discussed.

One hour classes Vs 40 min classes – discussion to begin at School Planning Group.

Ms Danaher asked if parents can be informed when after school training is cancelled.

A discussion took place around the possibility of introducing rugby and soccer.

Ms Harpur suggested that Order of Malta 1st aid training for 1st years could be arranged.

Book rental scheme – item to be added to agenda for December meeting.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Monday 5 December. All parents welcome to attend.

Meeting Report

3 October 2022

Attendance:  Eleanor Harpur, Nyki Carty, Edel Cullen, Evelyn Danaher, Sue Casey, Sinead Boland O’Brien, Zara Byrne and John Mc Ginnity.

September minutes approved.

Finance Report

No update to report. The new Treasurer will liaise with Mr. Gaynor to organise the handover.

Role of Officers

An explanation of the different role of each of the Officers was discussed. 

Election of Officers, 2022/23

The following Officers were elected:

Chairperson: Ms. Eleanor Harpur agreed to stay on as Chairperson. Her appointment was proposed by Ms. Nyki Carty and seconded by Ms. Sinead Boland O’ Brien.

Vice-Chairperson: Following the proposal of Ms. Nyki Carty and seconded by Ms. Eleanor Harpur, Ms. Sinead Bolan O’ Brien was deemed elected as Vice Chairperson.

Secretary: Ms. Zara Byrne was elected as Secretary, following the proposal of Ms. Nyki Carty and seconded by Ms. Sue Casey.

Treasurer: Ms. Nkyi Carty was elected to this role, following the proposal of Ms. Sinead Boland O’ Brien and seconded by Ms. Evelyn Danaher.

Ms. Harpur and Mr. Mc Ginnity thanked those for taking on the various roles.

Consultation re SPHE

Ms. Cullen mentioned that a consultation process on a draft specification for SPHE (including RSE) was currently open. Mr. Mc Ginnity agreed to communicate this to parents in advance of the 18 October deadline.

Communication between members

A discussion around the best method to communicate (e.g. e mail, WhatsApp) as a group took place. 

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Council will take place on Monday, 7 November at 18.30. All parents are welcome to attend.

Meeting Report

5 September 2022

Attendance:  Eleanor Harpur, Nyki Carty, Edel Cullen, Trish Delaney, Evelyn Danaher, Lisa Mc Auley, Sinead Boland O’Brien, Dympna Monaghan and Mary Ann O’Rourke.

Apologies: Apologies were received from John Mc Ginnity and Liam Gaynor.

May minutes approved.

At the outset, Ms. Harpur welcomed the members present, particularly new parents.

Finance Report

As the Treasurer was absent, Ms. Harpur updated the group on money raised from opening the carpark to facilitate parking during the recent musical events in Min Ryan Park.


Arrangements for the AGM were discussed. The proposal of a guest speaker was deemed a great idea.

Strategy to increase parental involvement

A discussion around this took place. Suggestions included targeting 1st year parents more and promoting the work of the group on social media more readily.


The prospect of the Order of Malta providing talk on life skills was discussed. Ms. Mc Auley suggested that first years would benefit most, as it would also provide interaction with the new students.

A follow-up discussion on a book rental scheme took place. Members present agreed that this would be an important area for the school to examine further.

Ms. O’ Rourke suggested that flower arranging or similar events might be reintroduced.

Next Meeting

The AGM will take place on Monday, 19 September. The subsequent meeting of the Council will take place on Monday, 3 October at 18.30.